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Kravitz reveals awkward Wolff story following Hamilton F1 drama

Kravitz reveals awkward Wolff story following Hamilton F1 drama

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Kravitz reveals awkward Wolff story following Hamilton F1 drama

Kravitz reveals awkward Wolff story following Hamilton F1 drama

Sky Sports F1 reporter Ted Kravitz has revealed that Mercedes boss Toto Wolff found out about his drivers’ Qatar crash from the team’s GPS feed before witnessing the incident seconds later on a delay via television.

The trackside operation of Mercedes was without their leader for two rounds after Wolff spent time at his home in Monaco recovering from knee surgery.

Both in Japan and Qatar, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell found themselves in close contact.

The Mercedes pair butted heads during Wolff's absence at Suzuka

With Wolff not around to cool heads, the Mercedes duo came together in the first lap of Qatar, resulting in a Hamilton DNF.

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Mercedes fate spoiled for Wolff

Hamilton took '100% blame' for the collision with team-mate Russell in Qatar

Back in his Monaco residence, Wolff was preparing himself as he watched the race start on French television. Unfortunately, the team principal would receive a rude awakening from the drivers’ live telemetry.

On Ted’s Notebook, the Sky Sports F1 pitlane reporter told the story as revealed to him by the Mercedes boss.

“He [Wolff] came up with an amusing story, that when he was watching at home, the TV picture he was watching, wherever his home is, I think it’s in Monaco, was about eight seconds behind the GPS feed that he was getting direct from the team," said Kravitz.

"So, on the GPS feed, he could see that the race had already started and then he saw that the two Petronas coloured dots of Mercedes, had stopped and had collided at turn 1 and that only then was the French TV person, wherever he was watching at home, was saying off we go and he was like ‘Well I’ve already seen what’s happened at the first corner!’.

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Hamilton beached his Mercedes W14 on the first corner at the Qatar Grand Prix

"And then he saw it eight seconds delayed on the TV and then he said he didn’t quite bash his home furniture, but he sat there impassively and extremely disappointed that his drivers had come together.”

Although Wolff was back trackside for the United States, it didn't stop Mercedes' poor run of mistakes as Hamilton was disqualified after the race in Texas by the FIA due to an issue with his skid block.

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